5 Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques To Try Right Now

by Katy Blake

Ready to take your Twitter marketing to the next level? Try implementing one of these advanced Twitter strategies to really see results – they’re designed to be quick and easy, so you’ve got no excuse not to try one of them today!

1. Mix It Up With Multimedia And Links


Okay, so using multimedia and links in Tweets isn’t new, but it’s definitely necessary.

First, don’t always put your link at the end of your tweet. While that is the most common format, it’s also the least effective. A study by Hubspot data scientist Dan Zarrella found that links near to the start of the tweet had a much higher click-through rate than those placed at the end. Mix up your format, and see where your links perform their best. I’ve found 25-30% of the way into the tweet is my sweet spot! 

Don’t just change your link strategy, though. Try adding new forms of multimedia. If your audience is used to no multimedia, add images. If you always use images, try embedding a video or GIF. You get the idea!

2. Make Lists

Many new Twitter users don’t bother with the Twitter list function, but it’s one of the greatest features. Spend some time compiling lists of people. One list, for example, should be thought-leaders and influencers in your industry. Another list could be competitors.

Once you’ve got your lists set up, you can quickly jump into them to see what your rivals are doing, or to find great content to talk about and share.

3. Use Advanced Search

Twitter’s advanced search is brilliant. Not only can it find a huge amount of tweets on a specific keyword, but your can also geotarget. Yep, that’s right: you can find people within a set radius of you that need a bed for the night, for example.

Advanced search is a little hidden away – type a word into the search bar in Twitter, and on the results page, you’ll find a link to the advanced search. Have a play around with the different settings – you can guarantee you’ll be ahead of the competition if you embrace this now.

4. Engage With Anyone

Okay, maybe not anyone. There can be some strange people on the internet! Don’t be worried about talking to the competition, though. A great example of this is @SouthWestAir and @JetBlue. They might be rivals, but they follow each other (why wouldn’t they? They have a lot of the same interests…) and have jokey conversations all the time.

Look out for some competition now, and see if there are any conversations you can start or join in with. You’ll put yourself at the front of your audiences’ mind, and you’ll get extra exposure among their audience, too.

5. Check Out Sentiment

If you’ve already looked at Twitter’s advanced search, I bet you didn’t spot the “other” field. Way down the bottom, Twitter offers four tickboxes, labelled “positive”,”negative”,”question?” and “include retweets”.

You can do quite a few things with this information. You can get an idea of social sentiment around a current issue, and you can look for praise or criticism directed at you or your competitors. The best thing, though? You can use the “question?” box to find people who need something that you have. Search for keywords relating to your business. Someone could be looking for a hotel recommendation near you, or asking about something that you sell. It’s a lead, just waiting for you to find it.

Go and try one of these right now, and send your Twitter marketing to the next level.