Social media has been proven to increase fundraising, lower absenteeism, increase student engagement and increase grades. Don't leave yours to chance.

Whether you're a nursery, a primary or secondary school, a college or a university, social media has become essential. 

Not only is it a cheap and effective way to spread news, but it's also an OFSTED-approved way to build relationships with parents, and create an engaged community of educators, parents and future parents. It's being successfully used by schools across the UK to increase fundraising efforts, achieve better attendance rates and encourage more student engagement - and it's also been shown to improve average grades.

OFSTED encourages educational establishments to find ways to encourage parents to take an interest in their children's education. Social media provides a quick, cheap and easy way of doing that - and it has many benefits to the school, too.

Why me?

I’ve had a love for teaching ever since home-schooling my younger sisters, and spent two years teaching in a primary school. I know the curriculum inside out, and have extensive experience in coming up with new ideas and experiments to teach children of any age. I produce features on specific curriculum areas, information on educating children with unique needs and lesson plans on a regular basis, and have ghostwritten several ebooks. If you need to break concepts down into easy-to-understand and implement steps, I’m your girl.

I’ve also worked as a nanny, and spent time working with Children’s Parenting Services in order to develop a real understanding of various parenting styles. Whether you need contact aimed at Permissive parents or Authoritarian parents, I can produce content that fits in, and really brings out the best in every parenting style.

Portfolio of Education and Parenting Social Media

Pages that I manage include Manor House Nursery School.

A short feature for She Budgets on ways to keep your little one’s busy during the long summer holidays.

A piece written for an education booklet explaining how to create a bilingual preschool room. This piece also appeared on Bright Hub.

A lesson plan for teaching African American history to preschoolers. This piece also appeared on Bright Hub.

A feature on how music can be beneficial for babies and toddlers. Also featured on Bright Hub.

Need ideas on how to teach science and space to your preschool class? This piece is bursting with ideas. Also featured on Bright Hub.