Social media was made for the fashion and beauty industry. If you're not there, you're missing out.

Consumers love interacting with their favourite fashion and beauty brands on social media. They love being able to find out about new products and looks first, getting inspiration for things they might want to try, and being able to ask questions and offer feedback without going out of their way.

Clinique has a very social digital marketing strategy - all of their posts are conversational, inviting engagement from fans, and they almost always feature a Clinique product. They've built an engaged community of brand ambassadors who will spread their message far and wide - and they've increased online sales by 62%, as well.

Black Milk are another great example. The Australian clothing brand might not be overly well-known, but it's gained a huge global following on social media, and sales have increased exponentially. Their strategy? Posting regular content featuring their clothes, saving buyers' dilemmas about what to wear now that it's raining/when it's hot/to that date. They are engaging, open and fun, and they respond to a whopping 99% of user posts. Their excellent social media strategy is the sole reason that they now ship around the world, and most people now know who Black Milk are.

Why me?

I love everything fashion and beauty related – keeping up with trends and trying new looks and products is one of my favourite things to do. I write for a number of clients, from make-up tricks and fashion tips for consumer magazines and websites to creating content for international fashion houses and showing men how to really rock the latest men’s styles.

From the classics to bold new styles, if you need fresh and exciting content for men or women, I’m the perfect person for the job.

Portfolio Of Fashion and Beauty Writing 

I've created and implemented strategies for Clinique, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and Essie. Local businesses include Centro Hair Salon, Cowboys and Angels and Inanch London

Fashion and Beauty HQ Feature

A feature written for Fashion and Beauty HQ magazine regarding the dangers of plastic surgery. Despite it’s short length, this article sparked a big debate regarding plastic surgery, and lead to a plastic surgery issue talking about real-life experiences.


I’ve been heavily involved with creating content to a strict and unusual style guide at the Pastry Blog. This has involved everything from celebrity news to interviews and competitions – and the blog has a great following across social media.