More than 60% of the British public say that social media affects their choice of a specific doctor, hospital or medical facility.

The Mayo Clinic's enquiries grew by 76,000 after the clinic started using social media. That's a great example of how to successfully bolster the reach of your organisations' messaging by echoing it appropriately on social media. More than 1,500 healthcare establishments across the UK are using social media, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest being the most popular tools. 

The right strategy can increase doctor-patient relationships, reduce appointment demand for common ailments such as colds and increase patient acquisition. It's also an excellent way to increase referrals, and to increase reviews.

Why me?

Psychiatry has always fascinated me, and I started training in the area several years ago. I’ve got experience with a variety of conditions, from asthma and hayfever to COPD, fibromyalgia and arthritis, and specialise in mental health topics. I work closely with a number of autism and bipolar depression charities, and produce condition hand-outs, treatment cards, help guides and articles on a regular basis. I’ve also got experience writing for audiences who have eating disorders or addictions, or are going through rehab. Whether your audience are just taking an interest in health and fitness or are seasoned health professionals, I can create content that’s both new and exciting.

Portfolio of Health and Fitness Writing

Pages I manage include Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and a number of local surgery and clinic pages.

I contributed a number of pieces to the Healthline Reference Library, including articles on Lymphnode Inflammation, Nutritional Deficiencies, MRI scans and suicide.

Seven Ways To Fight Your Muffin Top – And Win! – An informative yet easy-to-understand guide to losing belly fat, written for All Women Stalk.

Weird Body Issues Explained – A feature on why your body does some of those strange things, written for All Women Stalk.