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I can help. I specialise in creating blog posts that will increase your traffic, boost engagement and grow your bottom line. You'll get real, measurable results.

I can also produce editorials, articles, features, interviews, tutorials, case studies and business reports, so all of your business writing needs are taken care of.

  • I have specific and extensive experience in the luxury industries, especially in fashion, beauty and travel, and veterinary and health industries.
  • I understand that speed is of the essence, and I guarantee to respond to emails within 12 hours.
  • I've been a freelance writer for years - you are in safe hands!
  • I've got plenty of experience building social media accounts, and creating engaging and strategic social media campaigns.


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"This is a testimonial for Ms.Blake, who is, in my opinion, one of the best young writers of our time. Her style, tone and technical ability are stellar, but rather than rest on her laurels, she is always striving to improve."

"Her articles are always informative without being preachy, her grammar is always perfect, her style is friendly and light yet professional, and her grasp of SEO content is outstanding."

"Ms Blake's writing covers an array of topics, from the serious to the light-hearted and chatty. She excels at both, knowing when to use a solemn tone and when to opt for a more open, friendly voice. She's confident in every topic category."

Jennifer, All Women Stalk

"Excelling at every campaign she's been assigned, Ms Blake has continued to meet our clients needs by delivering remarkable content time after time. In line with her writing talents, she is one of my most reliable and courageous freelance writers."

"She's never beyond any job, and is your go-to person when you need high-calibre content produced at an efficient rate. As such an outstanding, dedicated and talented writer, she is an asset to any team."

Josette, Copypress

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